XLII – Alton Holding again

Saturday September 27, 2014

Today is the day we planned to go into St. Louis. We navigate in cars with the help of Homer Simpson (the voice of our) IPAD navigation system. Home did his best and we eventually got the Snottah parked at Busch Field in downtown ST. Louis. This left only a short walk over to the Arch. The arch is a confusing structure. I know McDonald’s wishes that they had kept going…

We decided we would go up to the top. I looked at the curved structure and wondered what sort of contraption would be in use  to transport people up. Turns out you climb into a ball like space that can hold 5 people. You couldn’t do this if you have Closetphobia. The ‘pod’ rotates to keep you level on the way to the top of the Arch. No windows on the way up. The structure is made entirely of stainless steel…I hope the kind made in the USA.

We arrived at the top and it is not unlike a culvert with small windows on each side. You can climb up and peek out at stuff below.

We spent a few minutes up there and took the next elevator back down. The car goes twice as fast on the way down as up…good old Gravity. We then walked through the museum. They talk a lot about Lewis and Clark and have a bunch of animatronic people talking to you. They have stuffed beavers and horses, I assured ML that the horse was dead when they stuffed it… The museum was very interesting, they even had a bit on Uncle Orville and his plane.

We had lunch at the Budweiser restaurant and the food and service was very good. Mary Lynn insisted that we go on the Budweiser tour to the brewery and see the horses. We rode to the Anheuser  Busch complex in a trolley. Then we were informed we had to wait over an hour for a 45 minute tour…too long for us to get a couple of free beer. So we looked around and took the next trolley back downtown.

We discovered that the Clydesdale they were letting folks pet outside was not animatronical as it issued forth gas and steaming horseshit (Even Disney would have some trouble with this).

We returned to the Snottah and it managed to get us home. On the way we tried to find Allan’s Soul. That would be a very tough feat but I really mean Sol. He likes to drink that mexican beer Sol… the search continues.



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