Musical containers?

We are now nearly settled at Fishermen’s Village Marina. The weather is typical for Florida in January; it is cool and cranky. There was a tornado in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, and there is potential for twisters again tomorrow. As a typical Canadian, I am wearing my shorts regardless of the temperature and wind conditions.

When one travels on a sailboat, one needs stuff. You either need stuff in case something breaks, or you also need stuff to be a sailor and an old guy. So, when you have a camper or trailer and a boat, there needs to be some adjustment of stuff when one moves from one to the other. Right now, there is stuff in the truck that needs to be on the boat, and stuff in the trailer that needs to be on the boat. There is also stuff on the boat that doesn’t need to be here right now. We have to sort stuff and take stuff to the trailer. The trailer is in storage, but not that far away. The goal will be to empty the V-garage and find the back seat in the truck. Which means a transfer of stuff overload to the trailer.

We are looking forward to some guests from home visiting later this week, and we thought we should make room for them. Hence the opening up of the V garage…

It only took a half hour to go to the trailer and unload a bunch of stuff. We made room in the back of the truck, and we found the back seat. Goal achieved.

Jimmie ‘Arkansas’ had shared that The Pier, a restaurant over in the village, had oysters for ‘a buck a shuck’. The oysters were good and fun; they were from the Gulf, not Canadian… Jimmy ordered an Ole Pilot, a rum cocktail, and I followed suit. It was a nice drink, not too sweet; see below.

Ingredients: ‘Ole Pilot’ cocktail
22ml fresh lime juice
30ml agave syrup
6 whole mint leaves
45ml North Point Pilot Rum
3 dashes of orange bitters
60ml champagne
1 orange

Today we are having a weather event: wind, rain, flooding, and potential thunderstorms. See below. There will be a system that moves through today. We are on the border of a slight risk of severe weather. We are secured at a good dock; it is January, and noisy weather should be expected. There is one tornado warning up near Pensacola. Likely a high tide event tonight when the worst comes through. More later