Time Travel

Today is the day. Once a year I enjoy the rush of time travel. That glorious leap one hour into the future. The opportunity to skip an hour of the craziness that seems to be enveloping us. If only we could leave some of the craziness and the crazies behind…

We have moved from the relative opulence of the Pink Shell Resort on Fort Myers Beach to the realistic world of the mooring field. No towel machines here. We did do laundry last night while enjoying the pizza from the Upper Deck at Matansas Inn. I was the place keeper while ML wandered off from time to time to tend to our flimsies and towels and such.

We enjoyed our daughter Jeni and her family for a few days and may yet venture to the water park with them tomorrow. Nice to have them but we miss our other grand kids and family also and look forward to being together soon.

Today is the Shrimp festival, not what you are thinking, but the sea critters that we love to eat. The local Lions Club will close the Matansas Pass bridge for three hours. There will be a parade, I’ve never seen Shrimp parade… It will be typical food, trinkets, baubles and booze, I’m in. And all before noon, even better.

We are here until Monday when we will begin the trek North to Pelican Bay for Monday night and back to Fishville thereafter.

More later…