XLI – Alton Illinois holding

Friday September 26, 2014

I will not have pictures with this posting, I will add pictures tonight on the Saturday posting.

Allan and Anne arrived almost on time and we had little trouble getting the Snottah over to the airport. They have a convenient cell phone lot to wait for your arrivals with a destiny board to watch…Of course we arrived an hour early and had a nice wait in the lot. All their luggage made it with them. Mary Lynn had scared them with one bag each and they complied. Included in their quota was 4 lbs of Kicking Horse coffee. Perfect, enjoying a cup of HooDooJo while I type this tome.

The kicking horse coffee gave them a bit of an issue at the border but they made it through. They cleared by car in the Sault and drove to Detroit to fly to St. Louis from there.

Looks like another great day here in Alton, sunny and hot. Our plan is to go into St. Louis and do the tourist thing. I guess we will go up in the arch. Possibly let Woody drop from the observation deck, he does love to glide.

When we got back to the marina we got everyone settled on the boat then went down to the pool to laze around and late part of the afternoon. Dinner and bed came early to the crew. Woody is ashore on leave he says the birds hear talk funny.

more later

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