Wednesday March 26 – Mark and Fran Sandbox and Saba Rock

We had some visitors this morning, a group of 3 or 4 remora were using grand cru as a shade tree (we were still at Leverick). We tossed some left over pimento from our lunch over the side and they swarmed.

One of the three Remora playing and sticking to the bottom of the boat
One of the three Remora playing and sticking to the bottom of the boat

We are going to Saba for happy hour, Fran not very happy right now. We are on a mooring ball at the Sand box and we went ashore for a beach day only to be turned away by security. There was a private party going on something to do with the Ultimate Beach Challenge.  Fran wanted to give them a beach challenge….

Hello again from Saba Rock!

Mark and I moved GC from Leverick to Sand Box today to enjoy a beach day before we sail to Jost Van Dyke for the second leg of our vacation…we reached at about 2pm and planned to spend the afternoon snorkeling and swimming. As we got to the dingy dock we were met by security and told that we were not allowed to even get to the other end of the supposed public beach as it had been rented for a private event…

The Ultimate Beach Challenge is hosted by Aardsma…to say the least I was pissed off…Mark is appeasing me with dinner at Saba …more conch fritters…and cheap Painkillers…I better be in a better mood when we leave…after all it is Happy Hour…not a breath of wind and we are dripping with sweet Caribbean sweat…might even try my hand at the tarpon feeding again!!  We are planning to leave for Jost Van Dyke tomorrow if we hear from Ricky Boy about which kind of oil the motor requires as it is down a  bit.  More coming we are trying to get to the back deck to catch a breeze

[3/26/2014 4:57:45 PM] mark and fran: Back deck at Saba Rock is deserted and there is a nice breeze on the Atlantic side of Saba…Mark went back to the bar to order another round of Painkillers and then we will move back to the “front?” for supper…getting happier and happier as the drinks go down. Saba is a great place to consider for anchoring in the future as we can see a few boats here now and the reef is great  protection  from the surf…

Ttfn maybe more later…pictures to follow

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