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westernstates-pKeith Hopkin a member of the Manitoulin History group identified the steamer shown at the 7:44 mark of the video as the Western States.

WESTERN STATES, US.81811, Sidewheel Overnight Passenger and Freight Steamer built in 1902 by the Detroit Ship Building Co., Wyandotte, Mich as Hull #145. Launched January 18, 1902 as a) WESTERN STATES for the Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Co., Detroit, Mich. 362′ loa- 45’3″ w -19’6″ d; 3077 GRT, 1566 NRT. Powered by a 4,200 ihp three cylinder inclined compound steam engine and  six coal-fired Scotch boilers. Built for the run between Detroit and Cleveland alternating with her sister ship EASTERN STATES. Later in her career she made trips to ports in the upper lakes. After World War II, the passenger car replaced the excursion steamers for vacation  trips, which resulted in lack of the steamer business. She was laid up in the early 1950s along with the rest of the then existing D&C steamers. She was towed to Tawas City, Mich in June, 1955 to serve as   an over night “flotel” unofficially named S.S. OVERNIGHTER. When she proved unsuccessful in that capacity, she was purposely burned at the dock at Tawas   City in preparation for scrapping. She was towed to the old Davidson shipyard in Bay City, Mich where she was cut up for scrap in 1959. -Picture credit: The Dowling Collection, UD-M Library-

Western States: At the Pass Street boat docks, Buffalo, New York – 1909. – You can clearly see the side wheel in this photo.
India on fire 1929
The India on fire 1929…she later sank just north of the Mary Islands. Photo from Bill Caesar via Keith Hopkin

The ship in the video at the 6:44 mark may in fact be the infamous India. The India allegedly burned due to an overheated insurance policy. The wreck is of diving and snorkeling interest at the Mary Islands.

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