Friday March 28 – Mark and Fran: Jost Van Dyke

Hi from Foxy’s BVI
Mark and I spent the afternoon at White Bay so please excuse any spelling mistakes or repetitions…only those of you who have been here will understand…best two things today…met Ivan and went to see Foxy in the back 40 … he lives behind the bar in the trees and bush…followed a couple from Ottawa who I overheard say they were going to his lair…he was welcoming and allowed pics…for a rich man he lives the simple life…
We missed Ivan’s 71st birthday party on the beach at White Bay last night…too bad since we were at JVD and it would have been a blast…so we are going back to our sail from Virgin Gorda yesterday with following seas the whole way…used the jib but only got an extra knot from it…we stopped at one of our favorite snorkeling spots…Monkey Point Guana Is for a bite to eat and a snorkel on our way…we reached JVD Great Harbour before 1 pm…Topped off the dingy tank and ice and because there was a minimum visa charge Mark had to pick up an extra case of beer… (Ricky Boy…hope you like Heineken!)
Up early this morning and I made some supper for this evening as we will be in no shape to cook when we return from White Bay…Mark was just as ambitious and got most of the stainless cleaned and shined…Rick got a new product this year and Mark not sure if he prefers the old method or not…we had quite a few squalls but got to shore without getting wet and managed to pick up 5 gallons of drinking water and 2 bags of ice…the ice shack that claims to have block ice still tells us that the block machine is broken…we have tried for 3 consecutive years and it’s always broken. Nice to know certain things are consistent in the islands as most things aren’t!!!
We are covered in Off at the moment since Dengue is prominent here and we don’t want to get a dose…got to see Belvin again today…a constant for us while we are here…he’s Foxy’s cousin! OK now we are where we started, interesting to see how a millionaire lives in the BVI little shack on the hill, the man is very approachable and will entertain you all day if you let him. Heading to Diamond Cay tomorrow to check his daughter’s place Taboo.
[5:01:15 PM] mark and fran: More when we can get connection

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