V – Re-acclimating (62.0575)

Tuesday April 21st, 2015

We spent an extra day in Toronto to let the ladies recover from the baby stag they attended in Georgetown (Ontario). This time allowed us to switch from boat living to land. I still try to pump the toilets and I conserve water. It is nice to have a shower with no time limit.

We drove home on Sunday morning. We had baby hardware shopping to do in Sudbury so it took us all day to get home. Our arrival was around 16:00. Ozy our Australian Shepherd was quite excited to see us again. We have been away from her since August 17th. She did her typical running at near the speed of light, jumping etc… Now we are under her watchful eye lest we slip away on her again.

We have to go to Espanola today to become legal again. It seems that while we were away our driver’s licences, car tags and a Health card expired. Hopefully the cops don’t read this and nab us on the way over, or the E$panola ca$h grab cops get us. I will smear mud on the licence plate (unless there is enough already). I drove home from Toronto without incident related to driving on the wrong side of the road. I think I’m almost back to normal. “Think right”

Habits are hard to change…I listen to Chris Parker’s weather in the morning and continue to do so. FRACAS will be fine.

More later


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