Friday April 24th, 2015

The weather was warm here on the Island (Manitoulin Island). My present position for those of you in the Bahamas is 45 58.535N  81 59.490W it is below freezing this morning but clear and sunny.We lost our water last night when the ice started to pile up on the shore. The water line was being pulled by the ice and the wiring was ripped off the wall of the pump house by the pressure on the line. We managed to get water back by cutting down a small tree and relieving pressure on the line. At George Town I would just go in to the dinghy dock and get more water.

We are still struggling with getting back into our regular life here in Little Current and our cellar dwelling. Perhaps it is because we have so much room to live in. There is room for both of us in the kitchen and so far the house doesn’t move. I do miss the sounds of the ocean, boats passing by and the wind. I am surprised that it is taking a while to acclimate to house living…we did spend 8 months on the boat.

The weather is another story. I have to wear a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, sweater and a winter coat to venture outside. I do still listen to Chris Parker’s weather for the Bahamas. You can listen in at around 6:35 to the weather for the George Town area specifically and the Bahamas in general. It is the only way I can keep track of FRACAS. I could have bought internet for the season and put a web cam on her but I would have driven myself crazy watching.

Captain Rick is still in the BVI on board Grand Cru. The search for the Christmas lady continues. I told him to stand down that she is likely lost forever. He reports that he has heard of a remote island to the south where men are disappearing for several weeks and then stumbling back home unable to speak with horrified looks on their faces…it could be!!!

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