Saturday March’s 10th, twenty eighteen

It has been a struggle to connect my laptop or network to the hot spot on the iPad. I lose interest in blogging when I waste the allotted time trying to connect. Typing on the iPad sucks and that lead to the gap in blogging.

We are likely to get some weather overnight tonight. The upper atmosphere is quite unstable with a CAPE index over 2.5. We have moved away from the pack on the Stocking Island side to give Fracas room to swing on an appropriate amount of chain. There are five or six of us over here nicely spaced and ready for the night. We have been quite lucky this season and have not had any nasty squalls and no thunderstorms to speak of. We have about 4 or 5 days of unstable weather to get through before we can seriously begin our trek home.

This morning we listened to the cruiser’s net. This begins promptly at 08:00 and is under the control of Bill from the Pearson ketch ‘Charisma’. The cruiser’s net here in Georgetown is more like a daily newspaper than the boat directory type of net at home. The net here operates like this:

  • Emergency concerns
  • Weather report, by one of the weather boaters (I have done it in the past)
  • A safety message; today it was that dinghies exited Lake Victoria under the narrow bridge have the right of way over those entering from the harbour.
  • Local businesses are allowed to chime in and promote their business and special events
  • Community notices, for example today; yoga, water aerobics, beach church, volleyball, regatta events (today it is competitive volleyball) and the Bahamian music festival ashore.
  • Boater General
    • Inquiries or boaters in need of advice, tools or stuff
    • Buy Sell trade, boaters list the stuff that is excess to their needs or what they are desperate to find
  • New Arrivals
  • Departures
  • Thought for the day

Today the net took about 36 minutes. It’s amazing what is available for sale and some boaters seem to be selling their boats piece by piece.

Yesterday was the in harbour race. About 20 boats in three classes sailed the marks among the boats anchored in the harbour.

Pictures from the past couple of days

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