Anniversary XLIX for Rick and Louise

Thursday March’s 1st, twenty eighteen

Since we have returned to Georgetown there has been little to no wind or vind. We are anchored out in the middle with room to swing and to stay out of other folks anchoring dramas. When you do that over time you attract other boats, I call it anchor magnetics.
Yesterday was Rick and Louise’s 49th anniversary. The ladies tried several restaurants and we finally settled on St Francis resort, even though they had no chef and we had to order from the bar menu. I was looking forward to their pizza. Some tried the Ahi burger and or Ahi salad. Ahi is yellow tail tuna (Thunnus albacares) and was pretty good by reports.
Jimmie and Sue joined us. They arrived a day late having taken Soul Serenade into Emerald Bay for a fresh water lavage of sorts. The new bilge pump arrives on Sunday and SV/SS will be good to go again. In the meantime they are over by Chat n Chill with either too little or too much rode depending on who you talk to.
We will move today in preparation for the blow from the NW and N overnight Friday into Saturday and Sunday. We will anchor at or near Red Shanks. The tide timing is good and we will be able to go over to the sand bars at man o war Cay to play.
More later

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