Alone of the boat

Friday February’s 23rd, twenty eighteen

Doesn’t it make you wonder why some numbers use rd, some use nd and some use th… I guess it would sound funny otherwise. I’m only one beer into this day so it’s not that. I’m alone on the boat. The kids have gone into Staniel Cay. Three in the dinghy in the chop works much better than four. The kids have an age totaling over 200 years… Rick is the dinghy Captain, hopefully the admiral and Louise buy the poor bastard lunch.

I took the opportunity to clean under the teak grate in the cockpit. You never know what you will find in there. We joke that one shouldn’t clean in there until you need a salad and there’s likely to be one and then some under there. I was pissed to find potato chips. A bag of chips can run you 8 Trump bucks here that’s over 11 Trudeau pesos.  Someone obviously has an eating problem.

We have been languishing here at Pig beach waiting for the wind to calm some. The weather is quite nice other than 20 kts gusting 30. You want to be on a secure hook with room to swing. It has barely rained enough to wet the deck a couple of times. Pretty nice weather considering.

Yesterday Rick and I went into Staniel Cay to do the trash and grocery shopping. To drop a bag of garbage costs $6.50. Ice costs $6.50 also, hepatitis no charge. Staniel Cay has two grocery stores. They are up on the hill and about 100 feet apart. They are affectionately known as the blue store and the pink store. The pink store has fresh bread at 11am ish. The blue store has a bigger selection of stuff. Everything is expensive. I bought a half pound of bacon for $6, a zucchini, some peppers and a head of lettuce that looked like it had been rolled here from Nassau. To avoid scurvy I bought a small bag of grapes and another of cherries. I won’t tell you what they cost I still want to enjoy them.

We will likely move on tomorrow. We will go back south stop off at Bitter Guana Cay and visit the iguanas then finish the day at Black Point. We will load up some water and some groceries and move south back down to Little Farmer Sunday and on to Musha Cay on Monday. We will head back to Georgetown on Tuesday after the sea has settled some. Rick hopes to catch his fish on the return trip. It has been great being reunited with Rick and Louise on a boat.

I have housework to do so I will move on.

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