The longest 1.7 miles in the world

I know I’ve missed a few days. Lord knows I’ve missed a lot of days but that’s another blog entry. Today we decided to ride out a windy and cloudy day here at Isaac Bay just south of Black Point on Great Guana Cay. Rick decided that it would be a good idea for the boys to walk to town.

Google maps says it is only 1.7 miles, an easy walk and certainly not in the Mango short walk range. We successfully made it to shore and put shoes on for our short walk. It took forever and there were hills. For the first 8 miles ( it seemed ) the high point was passing by the garbage dump/burn sight. We also passed by the construction equipment for the unfinished and mothballed marina at the North end of the beach in front of FRACAS. Construction trailers, graders and packers just abandoned. The marina well half dug and one structure standing testament to someone’s failed dream another Bahamian dream.

We continued the next 12 ( it seemed ) miles of our 1.7 mile walk in the heat and the hills until we reached the outskirts of Black Point. There we met up with a bunch of cruisers coming ashore who had anchored off Black Point. Our plan was to check out Black Point and have a couple of beers over lunch and walk back to the boat. We wanted to delay the walk back and Black Point helped us out. Scorpios was not opened yet for lunch or beer. We walked further into town to kill some time and on our return they were still closed. I don’t reward tardy so we went across the street to Lorraines’ cafe.

Rick had chicken wings and I had a grilled chicken sandwich. We managed to have our two beers to regenerate for the walk back. We made it eventually. We dragged ourselves over the beach to the dinghy and back to the boat.

It is a very gray day here today. No new pics as I forgot to take my camera so these are from yesterday and back.


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