Sand Dollar Beach

Tuesday February’s thirteenth, twenty eighteen

I do have to apologize that there is a shortage of pictures. We have an internet shortage here at the anchorage. A couple of the wifi hotspots in town have either burned down or been shuttered up. So pics will have to wait.

Rick and Louise have safely arrived and between fares and drunken tips Elvis and Darin did fairly well off of Fracas. Rick got to ride with Mr. Ferguson (no island connection) taxi number 1. He has been driving cab for over 70 years ((the same cab) a 19 49 Packard Super 8). Rick was regaled with local knowledge and folk lore on his 15 to 20 minute ride to Elvis’s water taxi.

We told both Rick and Darin that we would have Fracas well lit for their arrival in the dark. We had Lucy lights flashing, Christmas lights up, everything flashing we had on board. Darin found Fracas and Rick was fished aboard


Yesterday the plan was to try to shake the ‘worthlessness’ that was slowly enveloping us. We scheduled a morning walk about over at Sand Dollar Beach. It is quite choppy due to the week of trade winds we have been experiencing. It is not as easy as it once was to load four older folks into a moving and bucking dinghy.

We made it to shore albeit a tad wet, we parked the dinghy and remembered where. We started down and up the path to the ocean side. About a quarter of the way we suddenly came face to face with a dog. Does your dog bite, we asked? Not my dog, he responded. Turns out the dog was quite nice. The women were behind and we didn’t warn them and the moment of terror repeated itself. Some things are just funny.
The ocean was chopped up pretty good, mostly wind driven waves of 6 to 8 feet not much swell mixed in. I’ve mentioned the fact that the cold fronts haven’t been coming this far south so the trade winds are established at 20 gust 25, with an afternoon lull of 15 to 20. So, no big northerly swells associated with the fronts.
We walked the beach in search of treasure. We found none. It was a beautiful day. I set up the tripod and took a group shot with the four of us. My God they look old.
We made the pilgrimage to Chat n Chill for lunch and people watching. Rick and I had Goombay smashes with floaters, ML had Rum punch and L had aspartame infused Diet Coke. Lunch was a conch salad for Rick, peas and rice for L and ML and I had cheese burgers. I was disappointed with the burgers, they are now using pre engineered patties. This change might make them safer but not as tasty.
Luckily I took my flask and some non aspartame infused pepsi and we mixed a few of our own.
The folks ashore were a mix of the Québécois (who corral at their own table), live aboard, cruisers, and younger folks from condos and or Sandals. These poor underdressed folks, some whose bathing bottoms seemed to be disappearing…
Dinner was the last of my Mahi Mahi and a salad L and ML slaved over all day. Ricky cooked it just right. Then out came the dominoes… needless to say Jimmie took to dominoes better than Rick. Back to euchre tonight.


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