Catching up… internet shortage

It’s a pain. I have to connect my network to my ipad to blog…tabernac!

Sunday/Monday February’s 11th and 12th, twenty eighteen

Data! Remember when Data was that pasty weird dude on Star Trek, the one with that old bald guy as Captain. I don’t mean William Shatner, he has stick on hair. The name will come to me… Patrick something. You are all screaming his name… But I can’t hear you. Now, data is required to function. How many times a day do we need to google that. Or check to see if there is an email or to facetime with a grandchild. I am struggling on a finite amount of data and like most everything else here it is expensive.

For example, my rum and coke at Chat N Chill was $9. The coke costs about 18 bucks a case, so let’s allow a dollar for the coke. The plastic cup, hell lets allow 25 cents and for the rum well they do add about 3 oz. of Nassau’s finest so another buck. Ice is expensive so let’s add 50 cents. The cost of my rum and coke, $2.75. $6.25 gross on my rum and coke. Not bad for them, but they must pay tax, the infamous VAT (Value Added Tax). HMMMNnnn.

Many folks carry their own stuff over to the beach and use cups like Chat N Chill use and forgo the cost of their liquor. Wait, maybe that’s why the price is so high. Occasionally, KD will have security out checking to see if the clientele are in fact clientele. So, the drill appears to be, buy one mix your own in his cup thereafter… There is always a waiting line at the bar, so business is good perhaps adequate. KD also has some new stock in the gift shop, for example a typical ball cap, $52 bucks plus VAT.

Things are not priced for the typical liveaboard cruiser. They are priced for the mega yacht or Sandals folks that come over to slum. They get a conch salad from Ronaldo and play with the rays hoping to get some scraps and to not be lunch for potential sharks…

We did go over to the beach to have our one drink and to people watch. We missed a year here at GT so most of the ‘clientele’ has changed. A new hierarchy has established. Charisma oversees the cruiser’s net at 08:00 every morning. Bill runs the show with military precision. Gillian runs things from land, she has no boat but seems to be a cruiser non-the-less. I didn’t realize until just how similar her name is to Gilligan. I will henceforth call her Gilligan (pronounced Jill i gan) Frank is our knowledge base and his boat is appropriately named ‘Local Knowledge’. Other than slowly growing old other pastimes include; dominoes, volleyball, basket weaving and activities like other rehab facilities.

In other local news, the wind has shifted about 20 degrees to the south, 110 to 120 degrees. Our anchorage is better protected to about 100 degrees. When it goes a little further south, the waves wrap around a bit and it can be a bit lumpy. Hopefully Rick and Louise are prepared to be rocked to sleep tonight and hopefully the wind backs around more easterly tomorrow. I don’t normally practice witchcraft but I know a few potions to help ‘rock’ them to sleep.

Our plan has been amended due to the wind and waves. I will run ML over to shore before lunch. She will take a cab out to the airport and meet Louise. I will return to the boat getting significantly soaked. ML and Louise will come back to Fracas by Elvis’s water taxi. Rick arrives after dark tonight and will have to fend for himself. He will have to taxi from the airport, water taxi from Georgetown over to Fracas at Sand Dollar and them climb with his shit from a bouncing boat to another bouncing boat… some fun huh Bambi?

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