Palm Cay

Tuesday March’s 20th, twenty eighteen

It has been some time and some miles since I sat here at my laptop connected and ‘blogging’. It is nice and comforting to be connected full-time not worried about gigglebites and cellphone minutes. I don’t have to worry about pointing solar panels and wind generators. I don’t have to worry about the anchor slipping and sliding into a mega yacht in the night.

Palm Cay Marina and development (Google Earth)

We are ashore at the Palm Cay Marina. This is a relatively new facility here on the south east corner of New Providence Island (Nassau). There are close to 200 slips and condos being built in phases around us. We have also purchased the daily membership that allows us access to the pools, restaurant and beach. We will do some provisioning tomorrow hopefully we will be able to book the courtesy car for our shopping excursion.

The channel in to the marina is not marked as shown on the charts, but is adequately marked. It is narrow but not too narrow. When you can clearly see the bottom in 25 feet of water it is unnerving when it is 9 feet deep. It looks like 3 feet. Coming in we never saw less than 8 feet at low tide. It is a little expensive but comparable for the area and the amenities.  We are only 5 miles or so from the Nassau most people are familiar with; cruise ships, casinos and resorts.

I’ve told you in the past that sailing is weeks and months of waiting and moments of terror. Entering this place for the first time with a mindful and wandering boat, was terror. We managed to pull it off without incident. Not my first rodeo. But, I had only been tied to the dock for a minute when I started  to consider, worry about and begin the terror process of how to get (the boat that laughs when you put it in reverse) out of this slip. Brandon our young dock host said “don’t worry we’ll pivot you” and then he walked off.  Now I’m worried about being pivoted. I did have to launch the dinghy once to get her out of a skinny dock. I’m sure I can enlist some of those hoping to watch the show to help with the pivot.

Today we will work on getting the boat cleaned up and organized.

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