United Airlines and Giant Bunnies!!?

Wednesday April 26th, 2017

On a day when TP45 needs to be taken out to the softwood shed, the story that tweaked my interest is about United Airlines. Just when sales of  leather skid patches on the arse pants were beginning to fall United Airlines did it again.  This time they killed a giant rabbit.  Obviously not everyone has received ‘the new’ United Airlines’ customer service training.

This rabbit (Simon) was travelling from London to Chicago. Chicago seems to be the hub of United’s issues. The flight was transatlantic and not a short hop for the meter long bunny. He had passed a physical just hours prior to being dragged aboard United’s flight. He was much easier to drag off…  A spokesperson for United said it was an unfortunate coincidence that ‘Hasenpfeffer‘ was the dinner in Business class!

Marvin is in danger when Bugs transforms into a Giant Bunny

The world has loved giant bunnies since the days of Harvey and Jimmy Stewart. How could United be so insensitive so close to Easter? This giant dead rabbit has a few differences; is not invisible and was only half as tall as Harvey. (Not sure how you measure a bunny (are ears included)). The dead bunny was offered vouchers and cash for future travels…what about a shovel?


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