Tuesday April 25th, 2017

Ok, Ok. I gained some weight while I was languishing in the south. I drank beer, rum and colorful concoctions. I tried to wear it off by walking when possible and riding the circus bike on the many errands required to operate a two person cruise ship. My southern clothes, shorts and t-shirts are more friendly to slight changes in girth. It’s not like I gained 50 pounds but I have 20 pounds that need to move on.

In the past I’ve had success with the IPad app ‘Lose it’. This is a calorie counter and tracker that is easy to use and will remind you to enter your data. Today is the second day and the toughest day of the transition to eating more healthy and more practical. You find yourself staring into the refrigerator and treat cupboard drooling and vibrating. It takes all the will power you can muster to keep from jamming or slurping the delicious corn syrup infused treats into your salivating gob.

Ozy wanted to be fed, she’s fairly insistent regardless of what my eating plan might be. I remember dipping her measuring cup into her brain boosting Purina food… The next thing I remember the dog is mad at me and I have a funny taste remaining in my mouth. But I seem to be able to think more clearly…? I have to remember to stay away from the side of the road.

The most aggravating, cruel and insidious part of dieting are the calories hidden in rum. It seems that goslings rum has 69 calories per ounce. What self respecting sailor can stop at 1 ounce per drink let alone one drink per outing. I can only assume that the typical happy hour free pour rum and coke and most of the beach bars I… ‘visit’ will be 200 to 300 calories before we get to the corn syrup laced coke/pepsi.

The third thing I do in the morning is weigh myself using my scale that is conspiring with my IPad in this weight loss endeavour. Its the third thing I do because I want to be as light as possible for the weigh in. I have set the program at 1.5 pounds per week as a target. That means I get just south of 1800 calories per day to operate on. I can boost my calorie intake if I, wait for it… E X E R C I S E. Do you know how far you have to walk in order to make calorie room for a shot of rum? Thirteen minutes and don’t forget that you have to walk back, the silver lining, I got to have a double. The more practical thing would be to hide small amounts of rum along North Channel Drive as incentive.

I’ll let you know if I make it to day three.

more later


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