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Thursday May 18th, 2017

I have been laid low by this un-common man cold. Today is day eleven of symptoms. I think I am getting better but it is a bit by bit process. Overnight I developed a deep dry cough that feels like I’m trying to cough up the insoles of my slippers. Harrison brought this malady home from day care and suffered through it much more bravely than I have.

I did get out of the house, we motored to Espanola to pick up a few things.  It seemed like a homecoming of sorts. Meat prices reminded us of the Bahamas.

While I’ve been downed by this spring plague I’ve been thinking about a new hobby. I read a lot. I read a lot of espionage  and spy stuff. This got me thinking. I can have some fun and develop my spy craft.  Even though I’m pretty much housebound I’m still able to make microfilm. Luckily I have Harrison’s play dough. His latest kit has lots of colours and he assures me that it also tastes pretty good. This is important if I think I’m about to be caught and I have to eat the microfilm.

Armed with my new (play dough) microfilm and in fertile ground (Espanola) I decided to practice brush passes. A brush pass is when an agent passes something to another agent in a clever and devious way. The first brush pass was flawless at least initially. I’m guessing, a successful brush pass requires two informed and eager spies. I can still see the poor woman’s face as she (very incorrectly I might add) looks at the microfilm (play dough) recently exchanged. My recent home schooling kicked in and I kept moving. I needed to hide so I went were they wouldn’t expect a man to go…cleaning products. I sneakily fondled Swiffer products until the heat appeared to be off.

I tried two more brush passes with varying success. At the end of our shopping/practicing and were leaving the store, I observed the three other agents comparing experiences and play dough. I then had to try to exit the store without their noticing. It turned out to be much easier than I thought as they were very much caught up in sharing their experiences… very unprofessional of them.

Today, dead drops. I will use this code called ‘Cow Boy’ apparently it is a good starter code. I will compose a secret message and visit the dead drop and hide the message. Hmmm I need to have someone pick up the message… I will post a sign that says DEAD DROP with an arrow pointing to the message, perfect.  How can anything go wrong?

While I await my handler picking up the message at the dead drop, I will wander the town making notes on my spy note form. I was very lucky to find this form that makes everything checklist easy.

I also ordered my spy mask kit… soon you won’t know who the hell I am. Yes, I think I’m getting better.

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