The CDC is trying to poison us with Romaine lettuce. We have stopped eating anything that is green. That means no more lettuce, beans, bread, hamburger and pasta. Our diet is becoming very limited. I am worried that we might come down with scurvy. I have ordered a minimum of a half gill of rum with fruit punch QHS , purely medicinal.

Captain Rick has taken over the kitchen. He is also the quarter master and is doing a wonderful job. It keeps him off the street at least. We may begin planning today to work out the task list and procedure for taking me up to the roof. The following have to be done on the mast:

  • flag halyard
  • tape the spreaders
  • install the wind instrument
  • install the masthead light
  • install the Windex
  • install the VHF antenna

All of this masthead work is required to sneak the old girl under these 54 and 55 foot bridges up the river. I worry that Rick will take over the ship after leaving me at the top of the mast. I would suffer a long and painful death from scurvy (missing my 1/2 gill of rum QHS… tabernac

In the past I have offered the history of thanksgiving and the differences between the Canadian and American versions. It seems that the Americans are thankful for Saudi Arabia and low oil prices. I do wish our American friends a happy holiday season. We are invited to the thanksgiving celebration and meal at the marina this afternoon. Sunset Bay is very nice to their boaters.

I am thankful that Fracas is in the water and the water heater has been successfully replaced. Further, that we have located the fresh water leak that has been causing pressure pumps and bilge pumps running in the night.

I do miss my wife and family back home, especially the grand kids. I do get to see them on messenger and face-time, but it’s not the same.

Some history about how we got here. We left Manitoulin on Tuesday November 6th with our camper in tow. We arrived at Indiantown Marina on Saturday November 10th. We launched the boat on November 16th and left Indiantown marina on November 20th.

So far the only issue we have had is the pressure water system was leaking and in the process of investigation we noticed the water heater was seeping. When that was changed out I discovered a pin hole in a pex water line and things seem good now.

I am tempted to declare today a holiday from boat related tasks. The breeze is up a little and going up the mast may not be in today’s cards.

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