Splash day

Today we are scheduled to be launched or splashed. We have worked in hot and humid weather to get the old girl cleaned up and serviced. We have checked everything and all systems appear to be in working order. Topsides were covered with green slime and an osprey liked our masthead as a perch. This lead to some bird poop shit on deck.

We have been here at the marina since last Saturday. We have made several trips into Stuart for supplies, booze and stuff. We start work around 08:00 and stop by 1 or 2 in the afternoon (when the heat and humidity drives us from the boat.

Rick’s project has been to wash, dry and store the Sunbrella covers for the teak. He managed to cover most of the stands, saw horses, and things with parts of the canvas. Everyone is glad that project is over.

Our schedule keeps us here until Monday morning. I’m waiting until low tide gets late enough for us to get there and squeak under the palm city bridge. It was a heart stopper last year. Now with a year under our belts it should be easy right.

I haven’t had a lot of time for pictures so I’m looking forward to getting moving with a few less vehicles in our entourage. We will long term store T/T Fracas here in the yard. ML’s truck will be parked here until we get to Nettles Island and we will move it over there for the time we are at home for Christmas and Jeni’s wedding.  I did order a truck cover that should arrive here today.

Last night I had to do laundry. The machines are available after dark. The lights in the laundry room did not work so I was doing my wash with my headlight on. A woman came in and said “Oh for heavens sake” and she walked over and snapped on the lamp on the counter. Without missing a beat I said “I prefer using my headlight”…

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