Saturday November 10th, 2018

We have continued our theme of staying at KOA parks. This morning we are in Florida at the Starke location. We are in Northern Florida with about 275 miles to go to get to FRACAS. Our stops along the way; Wolverine Michigan, Bluffton Indiana, Horse Cave Kentucky, Cartersville Georgia and now Starke Florida.

We could easily have done this drive in three days but we decided to take a much more restful and tourist-like approach, doing about 300 miles per day. Yesterday was certainly the most stressful with heavy rain and heavy traffic in the Atlanta area. Several times visibility reduced to 50 feet, water everywhere… We were very happy to put Atlanta in our wake.

I was surprised that the price of diesel fuel is significantly higher than gasoline. We have been paying about 3.25 per U.S. gallon. The Colorado does about 17 miles per gallon U.S. with translates to about 13.8 l per 100km. Not bad pulling this heavy old trailer camper. We got some advice from Jimmie and it tows much better. Jimmie is wise in the ways of stuff and things that move.

We almost ran out of DEF for the Colorado. I should have picked up a big jug when I saw it and then when we needed some we couldn’t find it. We finally found some south of Atlanta and gave her an infusion. I’m not sure what it does, something like Febreeze for the exhaust emissions.

We are not sure where we will be for the night. I hope that we can get to the marina and find a spot for the trailer, if not then we will have to find a trailer park to get us to Monday.

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