Onions and Garlic

I often complain about the cold here in Florida. Again this morning we are in the grips of the post frontal cold. I think we are near the 40’s again. You are thinking “poor babies”… But this is cold for we older sailors. I am wearing pants, a t-shirt and long sleeve shirt. Further, I am still cold.

Today’s tasks include re-installing some teak fittings and coating them. I will also tackle the engine room and replace the absorbent catch pads under the engine. The various engine fluids that have seeped and dripped down there have conspired together to become odorous.

Rick like always has claimed the kitchen. I have managed to cook a couple of meals but he pouts when I’m in ‘his kitchen’… He will spontaneously scream “He cooks, he cleans”  when least expected. I am the Captain and I have drawn the line at onions and garlic in the coffee.

Breakfast is over and we will begin today’s tasks. I have finalized the details for our trip home. Our Christmas trek is unlikely to spawn a Disney Christmas classic, but may remind you of a synergy between ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ and ‘Christmas Vacation’.

We fly back to Canada on December 15th, Rick to Halifax and I to Sudbury. We have to get to Nettles Island Marina on Monday, pick up the truck and drive to Lauderdale.  I doesn’t sound like much but we are old.

more later

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