Hop Sing? 他做飯,他清理

For the past six weeks we have been on the road, water and ocean with the Two Captain geezer cruise. Rick assumed the duties in the galley. “Get out of my kitchen” and “Do you want eggs with your eggs” would echo in the galley of Fracas. Then the declarations changed a bit… ” I cook, I clean” he would spontaneously and sometimes unprovoked yell. 

He would scare the bejeezuz out of passersby, they would say hello and he would scream “I cook, I clean”. Only Sam the dog next door would bark at whomever he was yelling his mantra at, they were a team. Every time he would yell it would remind me of something or someone. Just this morning it came to me, Hop Sing from Bonanza. Unless you are old as dirt like me you may not know about Hop Sing. Here is a short clip from the show. The costumes are certainly different and Rick speaks a different dialect of chinese… but the resemblance is there

We have been working the last few days at Nettles Island Marina getting Fracas ready to be abandoned for a month.

Tomorrow we both fly out of Fort Lauderdale, me for Sudbury and Rick for Halifax. Thanks Rick for all your hard work, patience and camaraderie.

Disclaimer: Hop Sing is a stereotypical racist character from the past…
Hop Sing is the fictional Cartwright family’s cook on the US television series Bonanza which ran on the NBC network from 1959 to 1973. US-born actor Victor Sen Yung played the character

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