‘Super’ Blood Wolf Moon?

It used to be that the moon was full or it wasn’t. Now thanks to that guy at Wikipedia (who leaks a lot) we are better informed about all things moon et al.

Super; The moon will appear a little bigger due to the elliptical orbit of the moon. The moon is at it’s closest to the earth, hence it will look bigger. Not a lot bigger, but bigger. An analogy, holding a dime at arms length and changing it to a nickle…

Wolf; The first moon of the year is named after howling wolves. It used to be called Old, Snow and Ice Moon.

Blood; There will be an eclipse at the full moon tomorrow night. The earth will pass between the sun and the moon and cast it’s shadow over the moon. Some light will remain in the earth’s shadow and reflect the shadow of the Earth.

The eclipse will begin in the east around 10:30 and be total around midnight. In order to stay awake that long I will have to have a Super Wolf Blood nap this afternoon. There, done with science.

Also if you are a witch you may want to prepare your toolkit and do whatever witches do in the moonlight. Just sayin’…

Looking South at Key Largo this morning

Overnight the wind continued to clock around and is presently from the South at about 10 kts. The weather will be fine today and begin to get windy and wet overnight. By 10:00 tomorrow the wind will be 25 kts from the West. There might be some rain and potentially squalls. By tomorrow evening the wind will have dropped to 20 kts and be from the North.

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