“We have lots of cups”?

January 10th, 2019 We dropped off the truck at the Indiantown Marina Wednesday January 9th. In that process we left my current favourite blue coffee mug in the vehicle. Those of you who have read this drivel for a while know I ascribe to the fact that coffee tastes better from a blue cup. The latest ‘scientific’ studies indicate that a clear mug/cup is effective as well.

I’m OK, I have one blue cup left. This blue cup is a Tervis that is clear on the outside and blue on the inside. It was my blue cup until the new one arrived. I’ll be OK. ML was very supportive, she said “Oh, we have lots of cups”.

Today (Thursday) we continue and finish our preparations to leave Nettles Island with a target to be gone by 11:00. Our boat neighbor Patrick and his dog Sam will help us out of the slip. The terror had been building, another event of Fracas backing up. In our favour, the wind was from the North so if I could get her out of the slip I should be able to get her bow across the wind and get away. For a change everything went according to plan and we got away without being the show.

Our destination for today is our favourite, Peck Lake at Hobe Sound Wildlife Preserve. more later

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