Rant? or Fulminate?

You get comfortable with things you have had for a long time. Some things get more comfortable the more you wear them, the more you care for them and the more you clean and service them. Sometimes comfortable things are things most people never see and in this case likely don’t want to see.

This particular pair of boxers were my tropical ones. They had a sporty plaid and were very colourful colorful. They had however developed a severe (not that uncomfortable) tear or stress failure. This stress failure might have been 10 cm long. I made the mistake of wandering around the boat wearing them. I’m not sure how she noticed but she did. “Garbage” she directed. “I’m going to wear them for the remainder of this cycle” I replied. A temporary stalemate…

Not necessarily my boxers, ass, or body… further, not necessarily the location of my stress failure

What went unsaid by both of us, “What if you are in a car accident”? I can only assume that ML has been exposed to a large number of guys after car accidents who were wearing flimsies or undergarments slightly beyond their life expectancy. The suggestion was to put them in the rag collection… Can you imagine the flood of emotions and terror should I randomly grab my tropical boxers as a boat rag… Jeezuz

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