All that’s missing is the duct tape!!

I feel proud of myself this morning. For a few days I have been struggling with my laptop’s keyboard. The T, G and V keys have stopped working. Mike my son, suggested the onscreen keyboard. That keyboard works for entering my password that contains one or more of the offending letters.

I have a Bluetooth keyboard that I use occasionally with my IPad. My laptop is reputed to be Bluetooth capable, but until this morning I was Bluetooth incapable. Now I have to use the touch pad on the laptop and the smaller Bluetooth keyboard. That’s what sailors do, we adapt and make do. Unless we run out of rum and or ice, then we panic and go out of control.

By way of update, we left Tarpon Basin yesterday morning just after low tide hoping to get to the thin spots on the rising tide. We could have made Marathon at 17:10 but that didn’t leave much daylight for finding an anchorage. We looked at the weather and it was going to be NNE 13 to 18 and stay there all night. The lee shore on the west end of Long Key was our option.

We found a place in 9-10 feet amongst the Hell balls (crab pots). We have one of the stern and one of the port stern but 100 feet away. It wouldn’t surprise me if under the cover of darkness they would sneak over and snuggle with my prop…

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