Sunday evening

Lots of church here…preachers yelling and lots of singing. The local Catholics get the longest service award. They are on the hill above us and they had a busy morning.

I am an agnostic and I wonder about religion and religious people and I know we are here for some reason…dear god the goat is still in my system. I am wearing plaid boxers Jeezuz when will it end, goatster or hipster the confusion…

We went for our showers and the Rendezvous bar was hopping. A live band and they were given-er. We wanted to stay, we had pants on and everything but it appeared that it was a closed group and we were likely not invited. Normally that wouldn’t stop us but my right knee is having a knee ache. I think it is all the exercise from our morning walks.

Rick has just served tonight salad slaw with a salad spoon…he tried to explain that to me but Sister Mary Francis it isn’t sinking in.

I have to cut you loose while we do dinnah…so see ya latah


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