Achmed has Rats!!

2013-11-19 16.04.38
Achmed centre and his rats; Conch and Fritter

There have been rumblings and rumours on the ship for weeks. Lawrence our Lizard mentioned something yesterday about Rats and the Cockaroach hasn’t been seen for days.

Achmed has been unusually quiet then just on the day when the surveyor is coming they are thrust upon us.

What is most disturbing are their beady little eyes. We are not sure what they are up to as they speak only using the virgin island creole. Conch was overheard saying “Chook de Cha Cha” and Fritter replied “Pay ‘e no mind. ‘e’s a coonoomoonoo” and the parrot and achmed laughed and laughed…

We will have to quietly take Wilson aside and get the inside story


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