Still in the trailer park/yard

Saturday November 12, 2016

We have been in Florida for 10 days or so. We spent the first few days in a hotel and have spent the time since here on Fracas. I think that if you are going to spend time on your boat in a boat yard you should invest in a double-wide.  What am I saying?

Since the recent election here celebrated lying everybody is doing it. Management here has given us many suggestions for when we might get launched but nothing happens. I suspect that they are waiting for the weather to deteriorate and then force us into the water into wind and fog… The latest suggestion for our launch is late today.  I am sceptical as there are four boats in front of us and at least 11 behind us.

Experienced people here (those with double wides) tell us that when Geoduck and Crowbar get motivated things really start to happen… The problems here relates to two Riverside Marina businesses operating on this one property. Did I mention they don’t like each other either. It is a good yard to do your own work but it ends there. I will keep you informed to our progress towards the sea.

peets_coffee__tea_logo-svgWe are near a Publix grocery store so we can keep ourselves supplied with Peet’s coffee. The Kick Ass is long gone.  I must say that the French roast is pretty good.

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