Still on the hard!

Sunday November 13, 2016

The small sailboat blocking the lift from getting FRACAS

This morning finds us still balanced on our stands in the Northwest corner of the yard here at Riverside. Yesterday there was some action…the crew arrived after 5:00 p.m. looking like they were going to throw us in. Not so fast! They were stymied by a small sailboat that they stuffed in beside Fracas while they were yanking boats for Hurricane Mathew. Now they have to figure out how to get at the little boat.

So close and yet Monday?

This caused a deflation in the energy of the crew. They half-heartedly removed our tie downs and then wandered off, but at least they left the travel lift just out front. I can see the lift and will be able to see the lift until Noonish Monday.

More later…

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