Sand Dollar Beach

Saturday February’s 10th, twenty eighteen

I guess I haven’t blogged since we arrived in Georgetown. We arrived on ML’s birthday and she wanted to go to shore for dinner. We thought we would do the obligatory first visit to Two Turtles. They are closed and shuttered. Wow, the Bahamian cyclic business plan strikes again. Peace n Plenty is just up the street, let’s try that. We were greeted by the happy and friendly guy who used to be the bartender. We were taken to the bar where we were ignored by the bar tender. Then a manager type with an IPad came along, I thought this might help us get a drink. Not so they were engrossed in his IPad and his importance. Then a third manager type with a pencil on his ear came along and the indifference continued.

We learned after we abruptly left, that they had recently re-opened. They were only learning how to run a hotel, restaurant and bar. Under new mismanagement I thought. They have a lot to learn and they can learn with other customers when they learn about customers in chapter two… We went to the Exuma Yacht Club. The bar and restaurant upstairs there is operated as Blu’s. The food was amazing. I had fish and chips. I didn’t ask what the fish was, but it was amazing, the pico de gallo on the side was fresh and zingy.

On Tuesday we went for a walk from Sand Dollar beach across Stocking Island to the ocean side beach. I took a few pics over there. We didn’t find any sea glass or sea beans. The beach contour is much different than it was when we were last here. Two hurricanes can do that.

We are expecting guests on Sunday. Rick and Louise are arriving on Sunday. Louise from Sudbury and Rick from his gig in the BVI. We love Rick and Louise and are happy and excited to have them with us. On a cruising boat when company comes you clear and clean out the V-garage aka V-berth. Typically, bicycles, coolers, spare parts, carts and stuff. You must then find a new place for all the stuff that was removed from the V-garage. To put this in perspective, consider you’ve lived in the same house for thirty years and you need to clear out the garage, so people can sleep there…

I considered jamming stuff into mesh bags and running them up the mast. ML (always the practical one) suggested that would be aesthetically unpleasant and “what if we need to sail”? Ok, “we will drag the stuff behind the boat” I offer. A compromise, put a little new stuff into every compartment and storage place on the boat. So far that is working well. The scurvy scum of a freezer has been pressed into service as a storage compartment.

I have an issue with drawers. If you put sufficient stuff in a drawer to fill it, then close it, something will flip and block re-opening of said drawer. So far ML has not had to open any of those drawers. Even my engine room had to make compromises. The bicycles are up on deck looking like they are ready for a shore excursion. I don’t think it is safe for circus bikes and riders in GT just sayin’.

Two big items remain; the wagon and the BBQ. We used the wagon the other day to carry laundry and sufficient money to do the laundry to Miss Lee’s. It will find a home, likely up on deck somewhere. The BBQ may be stored in Davey Jones Locker, and Bob’s your uncle.

We are at Sand Dollar beach. That is about a mile and a half (real miles) from the dinghy dock at Georgetown. It has been blowing 15 to 20 gust 25 most of the time. That means that the harbour is choppy. A choppy harbour means a slow and wet trip back to the boat from town. In order to get Rick and Louise to the boat dry and comfortable we will make arrangements with Elvis’s water taxi.

Today we are nearly ready for our guests, just a little putting stuff away (hiding). Hopefully they have a smooth day of travel. Rick actually leaves the BVI today arriving in Fort Lauderdale tonight and to us tomorrow via Nassau. Louise flys direct from Toronto to Georgeto

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