Get to Georgetown

Monday February 5th, twenty eighteen

Happy Birthday to Mary Lynn, I will have to take her out to the jerk chicken stand at Georgetown…

We have been travelling hard to get to Georgetown. The weather has been working with us. Yesterday we did almost 60 nm to get from Highborne Cay to Galliot Cut. The wind dropped shortly after we dropped the hook behind Lansing Cay. Several boats are anchored around to cross the cut and move south.

We just have to get through Galliot Cut against the oncoming tidal current and into the open sea. Then just a relatively short hop of 40 nm to Georgetown. We have sort of met up with Jimmie’s friends also from Arkansas. They are stopping off at Emerald Bay (on the way to Georgetown). They are also in an Irwin a sister ship to Soul Serendade we think.

More later

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