Rotella T

Friday January 6th, 2016

We are back on the boat and settling back into the warm. I was happy to see that our new wind transducer arrived. Ours got whacked by Hurricane Joaquin and finished off by Hurricane Matthew. Now I have to convince ML to go up the mast.

At the outset, I have to mention that today is Ozy’s birthday. She is 9 human years or 63. She has her own facebook page and her age is incorrect as a way to get a minor a facebook page. Happy Birthday Ozy… good dog. SQUIRREL!!

It was nice to get back to the marina, a little sad that they were taking down the Christmas decorations and the tree before we got a chance to see them. Sam, the manager was very helpful and had Jason run us out to the boat in the marina’s whaler. Fracas seemed to be just as we left her. The solar system had the batteries right at the top. This morning both the fridge and freezer holding plates are in their operating zone. We have cold beer on board…all is good.

We went to Walmart to pick up some stuff, I don’t like Walmart but sometimes price trumps that. (can I say trump?}. Rotella T is the oil of choice for marine diesels. I’ve ranted before that in the Bahamas it is over $50 U.S. for a gallon. Here at ‘the’ Walmart it is only 13 bucks. Just sayin.

Today I have to remove the two old L16H AC batteries that I thought I could keep in the system. They were drawing down the two new ones and messing up the electronics in the battery charging system. The Captain on Calypso V tried to tell me and deep down I knew it wouldn’t work but I was trying to save a boat buck. Each battery weighs almost 120 pounds and now on a mooring they will be interesting to get on the boat.

Tim at Florida Marine Diesel in Fort Pierce has the new ones at his shop and while we have this rental I will go up and pick them up and trade in the old ones.


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