Saturday January 7th, 2016

We were up in Fort Pierce yesterday visiting Dave Daub and Bliss II on the hard. He is busily repairing Bliss; fiberglass, gelcoat, bottom, arch, solar panels… etc. This was the damage from the boat that slipped anchor and hit him during the Derecho exactly one year ago yesterday. While we were there Rita texted Dave about the attack at Fort Lauderdale. Dave’s daughter will arrive through that airport on Sunday and we came through that airport on Wednesday. There are four terminals at Fort Lauderdale and Air Canada shares Terminal 2 with Delta. It’s ironic that during our flight, which was full of delays, mistakes and customer service fails we had time to talk and one of the conversations was about how high security was within the bubble of the airport proper but extremely lax at the perimeter of the ‘bubble’.

We were through the terminal and baggage area 30 hours before but you still go OMG it could have been us. It’s terrible for the people and their families affected.  The likelihood of any changes to the law related to guns is unlikely. But, why couldn’t they mandate that guns travel without ammo? Ammo could be picked up at air freight or at another location. Failing that, all guns must travel in special cases that are fluorescent orange and clearly labelled gun so travellers can be on notice when they see anyone carrying a case. Or perhaps a combination of these ideas, that guns are picked up at a secure baggage location where  the owner would be screened by someone as they pick up their weapon. This would give police a chance to identify and possibly flag a gun toting crazy.

So, my advice to everyone… head on a swivel folks. Keep your eyes and ears open for crazies, terrorists and or crazy terrorists. The only weapons we Canadians carry include; a bad attitude, a razor sharp wit, sarcasm and a very effective ‘arms crossed glare’. None of these will save you though, you must move.  Our daughter will travel through FLL in a week or so and I’m hoping security will still be very high there.


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