Picture Perfect?

Some people wonder about editing and over editing of pictures. I edit my pictures until they are how I like them. I might edit to try to capture the scene and colour of the actual event. I may also see some part of the pic that looks neat to me and I will enhance it.

For example this picture of Last Mango as taken during our crossing from Key West to Fort Meyers Beach:


It might look ok to you. I see the horizon is not level and that gets my panties in a bunch. I can also see a light or oil tower just to the right of the sun on the horizon. This tower might distract you from the boat and the sun so it may have to go.

The first edit:

Horizon straightened, colours punched up a bit and the highlights down. The picture was cropped to put Last Mango in a more pleasing spot. She is traveling from left to right and needs room in the picture to do that

That tower to the right of the sun is still bothering me

The tower is gone, but the horizon at the repair is a little off. Good enough for Facebook

The point? That the important thing is to take the picture. If it becomes an important picture to you someone can fix what you want fixed. It is easier to fix and enhance if you shoot the pic in RAW format.

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