Can there be too many Whitbys?

It’s always exciting when we cross paths with another Whitby or one of the Florida iterations (Brewers etc.). When we arrived here in Fort Myers we spied directly ahead a Whitby we have not seen before, Fleur de Lys from Montreal. Two Whitbys happens from time to time. I went up to the Marina office to drop off trash when another Whitby passes by on the way into the mooring field. Allegria who we have met before is coming to join the clump. I use clump so as not to get the rendezvous folks upset, but we have a pretty good start here.

This is a no wake zone and minus the trash I am barely able to keep up with Allegria as she knifes through the water like a Whitby does. Turns out they join the clump and are presently at a ball adjacent to Fracas. Dee and Molly have had Allegria ( a bowsprit Whitby) since 1995 and have traveled. They report that they have recently sailed to the maritime provinces including Newfoundland. They returned south when they could see their breath in the crisp northern air.

As happens with boats and other things similar, you compare. “That’s cool how they resolved that problem” or “They did the same as we did” in dealing with that Whitby/Brewer symptom. I’ve been scurrying around trying to change a few things that were obvious fixes, improvements and ideas blatantly plagiarized (stolen) from Fleur de Lys and Allegria. I have pictures that i will post later.

And then, Terry ‘Island Time’ ( Brewer 12.8) wants to know if there are any mooring balls left. There are a couple still nearby to our growing clump of Whitbys. What will I have to change or modify next. The last thing you want to have is a chronic problem or issue that’s been solved along the way by one of the others.

On the plus side, it is nice pay back to the Mangos and their cult like Island Packeteers with secret handshakes, clandestine meetings and their overt clumping. At least with Whitby/Brewers you don’t have to do that Packet thing of counting ports dividing by pie and the square root of whatever to figure out what model/length it is.

Today we join Joanne, Lianne, Jim and Brent for lunch. They are staying nearby but traffic coming to the beach can be a bitch. We compromised with a restaurant on their side of the bridge. Mangos are going to join our lunch ‘clump’ and it should be fun.

more later

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