One sleep!

Tuesday December 13th, 2016

Today we leave FRACAS and head to Orlando to fly home tomorrow. No time to visit Mickey just a night in a hotel and fly AC back to Toronto tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to ‘winter’s majesty’ or the associated frigid friggin’ frost that goes with it. But that’s where Harrison and our families are and that’s what Christmas is about right.

At 08:00 I will jump on one of the circus bikes and head up to Enterprise rentals to pick up the car. “Don’t they pick you up” you ask yourself? Yes under normal conditions they do. We (likely I) lost, misplaced or abandoned our tracfone. This is a relatively cheap pay as you go ‘disposable’ phone or fone. I didn’t realize it was self disposable but it seems so. We have searched the boat completely (experience gained when my wallet floated away) with no luck. We did find some MIA stuff but no fone.

So, Enterprise can’t communicate with me so the pick up would be a nightmare. I will go to them and pick up our automobile d’jour. We asked for an intermediate sized vehicle but when you are doing an airport drop you get whatever they want to shed to the airport.

Last night we had a nice visit on ‘Wind Machine’. They new owners Ben and Abbie along with the old owners Jim and Michelle. Ben and Abbie are trying to learn as much as they can about cruising in the Bahamas and cruising in general. They are police officers from England on a two year sabbatical. They are young, enthusiastic and sad to learn that beer is almost $50 U.S. in the Bahamas. We hung around long enough that they had to give us dinner. It was nice to meet them all.

Jim and Michelle are on their way back home to Grand Rapids Mich. to a new life on land, and winter. They seem Ok with this transition, but I think it hasn’t sunk in yet. This sale was a light speed event. We wish them all well.

more later


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