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Monday December 12th, 2016 from Ball 44

This is not FRACAS but our neighbor’s Morgan

The wind has dropped down to 0. Last night we were bouncing and spinning in the battle between the tidal current and the wind. This morning we are in the clutches of the tidal current and the wind is absent. It is a nice change. Perhaps today I can get the scum off the port side of the waterline. The two seasons she spent in the water lead to a salt build up on the waterline and the first foot of the hull. There is an acidic cleaner that you can use to remove the stuff…it is tricky to use but does a good job.  This requires brushing on, let it sit and rinse it completely off. I’ve had to repeat it a couple of places but the starboard is ready to wax.  Maybe today.

One of our fellow boaters had a bit of a mishap and the dinghy rejected him while underway. Those of us who dinghy daily as part of our lifestyle on the water have had near misses if not rejections of their own. Wear a life jacket or PFD and be connected to your outboard with the tether. Let’s make 2017 the year of the tether. I’ve made it my New Year’s resolution which means ML will remind me to wear said tether…

Our grandson Harrison is in southern Ontario and will be with his mother when she picks us up at the airport (we hope). We can’t wait to see him and MeeMaw is watching his videos constantly.

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