Sunday December 18th, 2016

When you need to get from the south (warm) to the north (cold) certain things are a given. It will get colder and snow is a possibility. We flew into Toronto on the 14th and met up with our daughter, daughter-in-law and grandson Harrison. There was snow in Toronto but no evidence of the army or panic. There was evidence of a lot of people who have no clue or experience driving in those conditions but that is another story.

the boy is showing me the features on my iPhone 4s (my 5s went in the ocean)

Harrison went to his grandmother right away without trepidation. Me on the other hand, not so much. He wanted the IPad but he didn’t want to get  close to me to get it. Luckily for me that didn’t last long and he plunked himself on my lap and we were a team again.  I seem to be the easy touch for electronics. We, they are trying to control his access and time on electronics and he is not in favour of these controls.

We drove North on the 16th and the weather was fine when we left Toronto but north of Barrie the snow began and it pretty much snowed all the way home. It was sloppy and poor visibility for a  while but mostly just light snow. Harrison did fine but by Sudbury he was car happy and we stopped at South Ridge Mall so he had lots of room to move. Six people were shopping here and I was surprised to see that Sport Chek is the latest attempt at an anchor for this mall.

The remainder of the drive home was uneventful. In everyone’s absence the water system had failed at the house. The in lake submersible pump was no longer getting water to the house. The likely cause was a separation of the one and only splice in the waterline in about 6 feet of water about 100 feet off shore. In the interim he had installed a jet pump in the pump house and a temporary line to get some water for his returning family.

Harrison got back into his home routine and we were all in his favour again. He prefers me when he’s looking for an activity director and his G-Ma when he is looking for food, comfort, wound management, and guidance.

We went boating yesterday. We used our little row boat and the canoe. We lashed the two craft together for stability and off we went in search of the severed water line. The water is quite cold at this time of year. I don’t recommend sticking your hand into this icy inky water or any other body part for that matter. We did manage to find the two ends of the pipe and reassembled them to provide water. This should hold together until at least Tuesday or Wednesday when the weather will howl again. Hopefully we can survive that blow and once the lake freezes we are good to go for the winter.

I went out to take a few pics of the steaming north channel of lake huron. Sorry that I had the wrong lens and the camera was steaming up…



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