One more sleep

I have come to the end of this crazy five week adventure here in the Caribbean. Two weeks with Jazzebelle and three with Rick on Grand Cru. All five weeks it has been about the weather.

It has been cloudy and it has rained. More clouds and more rain than the locals have ever seen this time of year. This morning we got up to rain and clouds. The forecast is for it to blow 25 to 30 for the next week…

As I mentioned we are moving to fat hog bay so that it will be easier for Rick after I go. That is only a few miles. I wanted to stay here at Trellis because I can walk to the airport from the beach. That makes it easier for my flying issues but I will persevere.

We will play a few games today but if I win one game we will be tied and I will quit.

I hope to find a laundromat at Penn’s so that i can wash some of my clothes. I wouldn’t want to have some of my clothes fondled by security…

I hope that I can do a new photo gallery at Penn’s…more latah

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