Ok, Ok, Thursday is a big day

Have I mentioned I like the Caribbean. I like the food, I like the people, I like the weather, I like the millions of blues and I like no winter. I used to like winter. I lived for winter in my youth. Hockey, skiing and road hockey what happened, I turned 60 or became 60 or am 60 whatever. To call this a midlife crisis is a little ambitious.

I love boats. On this trip the land feels foreign and it moves funny. Dan the ball money collector (he has been here 18 years on the same anchor) spoke of the life at sea, or in his case at anchor. We asked him where his boat was and he wasn’t sure… but we have all lost our boats from time to time.

On the crib front. I have clawed back to 1 game back or as Rick likes to call it he is one  game up.  He tried to make me feel better by saying “think about how bad I felt being three games back?” To which I replied “but think how good I felt”.

I blame all these issues on the administration of Jazzebelle who hooked me on a cribbage variant called Kings Cribbage (and roundly beat me with wanton venom) and my interest in re-learning a great game when people played without the glow of a screen. Don’t get me wrong I still love the glow of my screen.

With all due respect, I thank the Jazzebelle folks. I hope you guys make it down to the BVI at least on this trip so you can experience an area that is very similar to the North Channel but you can get great Roti.

Rick wants me to bring a kings cribbage game down when we come in February and I want one for Christmas (Jen you have some shopping days left) It is a game like scrabble but not. I’m sure you can find one in Toronto or FORD city.

Julie and Dawson, I have met up with many a Salty Dawg here in the BVI with some great stories. Still looking for the Whitby 42 that was in the fleet. They are in the area but we have not crossed paths yet and my time here is short.

Dinner is Mahi Mahi and it smells gooooood.





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