Penn’s Landing

I suspect this may be the last post from the BVI. Things start to get hectic when I have to get to my 7am flight. We have secured a vehicle for Rick to drive me in and the craziness is scheduled to begin at 4am. It will be my last Ricky breakfast.

We are on a mooring ball at Penn’s and Ricky will anchor the boat here in a day or so. Friday night here is sorta like the berm at home. Here it is Pizza night. Rumour has it that it will be a pulled pork pizza night. I will have to clarify if it is goat or not. The marina patrons gather on friday for dinner much like we do at home on the berm. The parrot is whispering things so it might portend evil, and the rats are no where to be found. I was going to take them to pizza night but they may already be there.

Ricky is having his wee nap he is presently up by 2 games and I think it will end there. Did wonders for his self esteem. Why is it that his improvement is at my expense.

The winds are beginning to pick up. That is a good thing because there are some bugs in this area. If they are going to bite me on my last day I want them to work to get out to me.

Even though Mary Lynn and I will be back here in February, I hate to leave.  I hope everything meshes and we can get Fracas here and sail with Ricky and Grand Cru. I also look forward having our friends and family come down and sail the BVI and Islands with us.  Don’t be afraid to ask…the fee is made by Goslings!

So, I am in prep mode, having a couple of rums this afternoon but that will end. I will set the alarm clock, my  ipad, my iphone, my ipad and my caribbean cell all to wake me up at the appointed hour. 

I will post from along the way home, I have 6 hours in Antigua…

I leave you with this quote I remember; “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”

Enough of that crap…now to stash my stinking clothes into the bags for security to deal with…


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