Her dress is a little ostentatious but apparently she’s a hell of a cook

Key West is obviously a monarchy. They have a Queen in charge, specifically a drag Queen. Last night we went to town with a destination of the Aqua Club. There’s obviously a shortage of women here so the men help out. We went to the 7:00 show… The headliner of the show and absolute drag royalty in my world… Inga. She wore a couple of cute frocks like the one shown. I thought the Chewbacca boots were a little much but John Mango liked them. He likened them to the runners that Herman Munster wore.

At the start of the show they told us to be afraid… Don’t make Inga sad. You better have some money in your hand when she comes by your seat. Frankly I don’t think they were actually singing, it was that lip sync thing. Not sure how it works, I saw Ed Ferguson and God Cranston do Hillbilly Vanilli once, something like that. On one of her passes by my chair she got her Tutu support system caught up in my croc flops… Tabernac

I didn’t take my camera. I wish I had but I didn’t. Inga looked like she could break me in half…

If you are ever in Key West give this place a try. For a $10 cover you have a lot of laughs. These gals work hard and are pretty entertaining.

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