Bicycle tour

This morning we are off on the hotel bus to visit Key West. The first item on our agenda is a guided bicycle tour of Key West. Lloyd’s Tropical Tours the operator of this particular bicycle tour. From the pictures it seems we will bike around town stealing fruit from the lawns of local folks… I’m in.

Geezer bike tour

Yesterday was a stay in the marina day. The wind finally laid down and we spent some of the afternoon in the pool. From Facebook we knew that Day and Craig Olney from Toucan Deux are staying at the nearby Boca Chica Marina. This marina is part of the Naval Station Key West base and is restricted to U.S. military, retired military and civil service. They have their vehicle so they came over to visit us on Fracas.

We had a great visit as always and we had dinner at the Oyster Bar. Day and Craig are off to the North to attend the Roy cruiser’s net rendezvous in Punta Gorda on Wednesday. Our schedule is not looking like we will get up there in time to attend. We are hoping to send Jimmie White (everyone knows Jimmie) and his wife Sue as our deputies and former commodore of the Beaver Lake Sail Club. Their club is located somewhere in Arkansas.

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