As you may know the border opened to land travel on Monday. We thought there would be a rush to the gate so we waited until Wednesday to start our trek to Fracas. We arrived at the border after lunch and there was no line up. There was no traffic. There were no masks. We have not seen a mask on another face since Ontario, and we are in Kentucky for our second night in the U.S..

Our first night was spent in Gaylord Michigan. We did not sleep in the trailer but in a Best Western. Not that it is much warmer in Kentucky but it seems so.

I like Kentucky. We are at a Kentucky KOA trailer park at Horse Cave. It is close to the highway on a side hill. Behind us is the most beautiful farm, hill and meadow. Several angus cattle languish out there. Things have changed since we last stayed here in 2018. They now have covered wagons, cabins and tree houses for the various degrees of outdoorsy hippy types can sleep, Lord knows they need their sleep.

Behind Horse Cave Kentucky KOA

Our campsite is quite nice all natural like. The concrete slab is natural, the steel ring fire pit is natural and the electrical hookup is ‘natural’. What is missing is our shitter connection fitting. We arrived in the dark and I stumbled around out there kicking leaves trying to find the offal orifice, to no avail. Next I tried with a flashlight, no luck with that either. Not a big issue, I’ll go to the office in the morning and question where the missing sphincter might be?

I went to the office at their 08:00. This part of Kentucky is in the central time zone. We arrived at 7:00 p.m. and then travelled back in time to 6:00 p.m. I’m not sure what happens when we cross in to Tennessee but I’ll keep you informed. The nice lady (no mask) at the KOA office in a slow and methodical Kentucky way said “I’ll get maintenance to go and dig that out for you”. We all look forward to that. Apparently my scratching with my shoe is not enough digging to get to the prize.

We are not travelling today. A day off. It was a little hectic getting ready to leave. I was helping M and C with house repairs and in parallel working on the trailer getting it ready. A down day just feels right, plus we want to arrive at the boat on Monday during business hours and that makes it work better.

more later…