Baby Sitting (Pop Pop daycare)

Although he was not wearing clothes, he was still cute | Baby cartoon  characters, Boss baby, Baby posters

Mary Lynn is away. She would be in charge and take charge in the event that we are caring for our youngest grandson. His daycare COO is unable to take him today so Jeni asked Pop Pop to take charge of their two-year-old. What could go wrong? From time to time I have cared for my other two grandchildren, by myself. What’s the big deal right?

I have tidied up the place to an acceptable standard. I have swept and ‘Ziffled’ the floors. I have picked up all the things that the dog has dragged out, chewed and taunted me with. I have leftover jalapeno poppers for snacks. I have located two helmets to wear just in case.

After he is dropped off, the first item of business is breakfast. I will try to hit all the food groups avoiding the potato chip group, it is breakfast. He has a hankering for the fruit in the triple berry cereal we all like. I have found that one of the playdough devices will separate out the cereal leaving what he likes. I will add yogurt and some fresh fruit to make the mess more interesting.

After he is fed to fill in the time until snacks, we will go outside, in the rain… The tattoo parlour is off limits as he doesn’t have a vaccine receipt. Why do they call it a parlour? He’s nearly two so power tools are out. I don’t think there is a pool hall any more. Anyone remember Steve Pinch? Then there’s bowling. Remember Cec Nickoloff?

Perhaps I’m making this too difficult. A bike ride (in the rain), I will hook up the trailer and tow him for a ride. And then? We will wander and wonder around the yard.

My biggest fear is what if he poops. It is too cold for the pressure washer. Into the shower he goes… only four hours to go.