It may seem like a pun in this pandemic but we will avoid Atlanta like the plague. If any of you have driven in Montreal at rush hour, Atlanta is 10 or 20 times worse than that. The way they drive, the way the construction is done and the Stephen King like terror that grips your heart while you try to grip the wheel… It is not the place for an upper, upper middle aged man pulling a camper trailer. We will take the bypass through Alabama.

That means we will go through Birmingham and Montgomery. It will add about an hour to our total trip but you can loose 2 or 3 hours in Atlanta. They say that at 3 am the passage is Zen like but I don’t believe any of it. After our last time we went through Atlanta I had to splint my middle finger from exhaustion, from returning salutes mostly.

Things to know about Alabama; the first state to legalize Christmas as a holiday, resident invented windshield wipers, the state nut is the pecan and they are home to the worlds largest office chair (33 feet high)

more later