LVI and LVII Green Turtle Bay

Saturday October 11, 2014

Last night a large flock of Loopers arrived. Most are of the PBT variety…(Power Boat Trawler). We also noticed that our Quebec friends Chantal and Germaine from Pimaro were in the marina. When last we saw them they were missing their rudder and the bilge pump was running every 15 minutes. They are French Canadian and speak English much better than I speak French. They got their rudder fixed at Kaskaskia Dam and were able to get here to have the keel checked. The glass is draining still, they hope to have the repair made tomorrow and be able to soon rejoin the loopers and get going south.

Today is the day we have to return the Verano to the folks at Enterprise. It has served us well and is a nice small GM product. While in Paducah Mary Lynn thinks we should do our flu shots. We forgot to do this before we left or it wasn’t flu shot season. All you need here is cash…we dropped in at the Walgreens that had banners and ads up all over the store advertising flu shots. Being Canadians we had no idea how this would go…the computer registration went smoothly. The pharmacist just kept telling the clerk to force the entry and to do it the quick way. Once the 30 bucks was paid (each) she jabbed us and gave us each a cool red Walgreen’s band aid. Nothing like advertising. No side effects yet other than I have a severe thirst but I had that before.

The car was returned and a nice gentleman drove us back to the Marina (40 miles) thanks Enterprise. I put more gas in the car than was required to bring it back to the same level. I wanted to drive around Paducah until it was back at 3/4…another time out.

Nothing was out for dinner. Mary Lynn wanted to return to Miss Patti’s restaurant for another round of food and dessert. We walked over to Patti’s, we did not have a reservation so our wait was 45 minutes and we had to go to another section of the massive restaurant complex…Mr. Bills’. The kitchen was the same although the server people wore red dresses.

miss patti's pork chopI had the 1″ pork chop and the loaded baked potato. Both were by far the best restaurant fare I’ve had. Home cooking with no assembly line look or taste. They serve their bread in a flower pot. It is baked in the pot and was quite tasty (the bread not the pot). It was also served with strawberry butter. (Sorry I sound like a foodie). For dessert I had the coconut pie with the highest meringue I have ever seen. Great meal and wonderful service. You do not have to ask for anything…I could barely get a drink of water or coffee without a refill. Our server fairly flew.

As we were getting ready to leave our server told us to watch out, that deer might jump out in front of us. I told her we were walking and she said “I know”. I was on full alert all the way back to the boat. Tomorrow will be an exercise and fasting day. No food til lunch.deer

Sunday October 12, 2014

The coffee is made. In order to conserve some of the Kicking Horse Coffee we are trying Gevalia (French roast), it is OK but not KH. Crystal doesn’t like it when I ride a fad about dieting and food. I feel like I am gaining a little weight back so I have to get back under control. The first step will be to get far away from Miss Patti’s. The second is to walk 4 miles in an hour when possible. It does get boring trying to walk 4 miles on the deck of a 42 foot sailboat.

Intermittent Fasting. My version is to skip breakfast, exercise just before lunch if possible then only eat lunch and dinner and shut down for the day. It is based on our ancestors (cave men) who did not eat 3 square meals and snacks, they ate when the caught, stabbed or ran down food and feasted. Crystal (a dietician) will be shaking her head but I need something to do.

We could and possibly should have moved on today but there is a better than good chance that major severe weather will pass through Monday and overnight Tuesday. Rather than on the hook tied to a dock is preferable. Laundry is underway on shore. This storm system is from the remnants of Hurricane Simon and a ‘Canadian’ cold front. It is better that we have the masts down for this weather event.

When we have guests on board we have to move some things around. We have relocated some things and I have managed to hide some things in the second and third level of storage on board FRACAS. The trick now will be to remember where the hell everything is when I need it.


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